Ph. D.  awarded staff in the college

Sr. No.Name of the Faculty memberSubjectYear
1.Dr. Deepak D. KoturwarPolitical Science2007
2.Dr. Meena M. JhungareMarathi2009
3.Dr. Yuvraj S. MankarMarathi2011
4.Dr. Chandrakant T. SardarHistory2012
5.Dr. Vikas R. TonePhysical Education2013
6.Dr. Dilip K. KhupseCommerce2017
7.Dr. Chandrashekhar D. ThakreGeography2016
8.Dr. Kalpana P. KordeHome Economics2018
9.Dr. Pratibha S. KalmeghEconomics2013
10.Dr. Waman N. WirkhadeCommerce2018
11.Dr. Kishor G. ShendeCommerce2013
12.Dr. Mrunal I. WarhadeBotany2017
13.Dr. S. J. ShenmareLibrary and Information Sci.2015
14.Dr. G. S. PachloreZoology2013

Faculty recognized as research guides for M. Phill  and Ph.D

Sr. No.Name of Research GuidePriority areas of research
1.Dr. Deepak D. KoturwarPolitical Science
2.Dr. Yuvraj S. MankarMarathi