Shivshakti Arts and Commerce College, Babhulgaon is a part of Higher education in India. Its library’s role is very important for the student development. Library is a bridge between the teaching and learning process. Colleges form the integral part of Higher education and libraries in colleges are the primary source for learning process.

          The college library is a connecting link between teaching and learning as well as place which supplements its resources what is beyond scope of class room. College libraries play an important role in the educational history of both the students as well as the faculty members. It serves the user by providing specific information to the user.

          Shivshakti Arts, Commerce and Science College has established in the year 1990. College is situated in Tribal area of Babhulgaon, Dist. Yavatmal. The institute has central and departmental libraries. The central library procured 234 books at the beginning of the college. Presently the library has more than 8,275 books in general, 1120 Bound Volume of Journals, 80 periodicals, 105 CDs and DVDs etc. Library has also subscribed N-LIST On-line e-books and e- journals consortia.

          Library use SOUL automation software since 2004 from INFLIBNET. All software modules are run successfully i.e. Acquisition, Cataloguing, Circulation, Serial Control, Administration and OPAC. All data entry of old books is completed and newly purchased books and subscribed periodicals are entered in regularly.

          In the library OPAC is used from all students and staff. OPAC is accessed in only local access. But in future web opac of library should be linked on internet via college website.

          The strength of any College lies in its library and information centre. Bearing this in mind, the institution has provided great attention to the library.

          Today the institution owns a specious library of 1500sq.ft.. This is one of the biggest library in a remote area like this. It can accommodate nearly 80 readers at a time. It is continuously developing.

          There are many books like Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries, Biographical Books, Journal’s bound volume, Competitive Examination related, Old Question Papers, News Paper Clippings, etc.