NSS is a community service program sponsored by the Ministry of Human Resources Development & Department of Youth Affairs and Sports, New Delhi. The National Service Scheme was started by Ministry of Education and Culture Government of India in collaboration with State Government in the year 1969. Now the scheme is with Youth Affairs and Sports Ministry Government of India and Department of Higher and Technical Education Government of Maharashtra. Our College has been participating in the scheme right from its inception. The Motto of the N.S.S is ‘Not Me But You’. Objective of the N.S.S is development of the personality of student through Community service.

          The Department of N.S.S. of Shivshakti Arts & Commerce College Babhulgaon has been actively working its inception. NSS unit College has been working to meet the needs and requirements of students and peoples from different walks of life. The aim of NSS is to give an extension dimension to the higher education system. College of 150 student NSS unit, every year with about 30% participation of girls students. All the students used to participate in all programmes conducted by NSS.

NSS Programme officers

  1. Prof. Dr. Chandrakant Sardar
  2. Prof. Sunil Ishwar
  3. Prof. Waman Wirkhade

Aims and Objectives

         The overall aim of National Service Scheme as envisaged earlier, is to give an extended dimension to the higher education system and orient the student youth to community service while they are studying in educational institution. The aim of N.S.S. is personality development of volunteer’s trough community service.

The major objectives

i) To make the volunteers to understand the community in which they work.

ii) To enable the volunteers to understand themselves in relation to their community.

iii) To know the needs and problems of the community and involve the volunteers in problem

solving process that will mobilize the society.

iv) To create among the volunteers a sense of social and civic responsibility and develop them.

v) To utilize the volunteers’ knowledge in finding practical solution to individual or community level problems.

vi) To develop among the volunteers the competence required for group-living and sharing of responsibilities.

vii) To help the volunteers to acquire the leadership qualities for the improvement of democratic attitude.

viii) To enable the volunteers to develop capacity to meet emergencies and natural disasters.

ix) To propagate and develop the national as well as social harmony.

x) To create an awareness among the volunteers to serve the poor people of society.

Enrolment of NSS Volunteers

            At college level the NSS volunteers will be enrolled from the first, Second and Third year degree class students. Students belonging to minority communities, scheduled castes scheduled tribes and girls should be encouraged & motivated to participate in NSS. They should be given due representation where more students desire to join NSS. The Strength of NSS students Sanctioned by University from 2013-14 to till date as follows

Statement Showing Allocation and Actual Enrolment of NSS Volunteers

Sr.No.YearAllocationActual EnrollmentTotal

Classification of NSS Programmes:

           N.S.S. activities have been divided in two major groups. These are regular N. S. S. activities and special camping programme.

N.S.S. Regular activities:

         Under this activities student undertake various programmes in the adopted villages college /school campuses and urban slums during weekends or after college hours. Duration of these services is 120 hrs. In each academic year.

Special Camping Programme:

         Under this, Camps of 07 days duration are organized in adopted villages with some specific projects by involving Local Communities. 75 Percent N.S.S. volunteers are essential to participate in these camps from college having N.S.S. units. In the 7 days special winter camp, every year various social activities are run through this unit, such as , voluntary work, tree plantation, repairs of roads, cleaning of the area, talks/ lectures, cultural activities, rallies, water conservation, eradication of open defection, blind faith, child marriages, alcohol & tobacco addiction.

         The N.S.S. Volunteers of this College are involved in various useful programmes like social consciousness, small family campaigns, enhancement of scientific attitude, gender equality, woman rights, entrepreneurship, ecological balance, value orientation, health services, AIDS prevention, pollution problem, family welfare, child labor, helping the physically handicapped and the mentally retarded, work during emergencies, improvement of the status of women, assistance to below poverty line people, teaching of improved agricultural practices,  disaster management, solar energy conservation eradication of social evils, like Castism, regionalism, corruption, untouchability, drugging etc. Non-formal education of rural youth, village / slum adoption, rural reconstruction, watershed management and waste land development, social forestation, environmental enrichment and conservation, blood donation,  preservation of cultural heritage among the community, nutrition programme, communal harmony, mass immunization, cultural activities, seminars, group discussion, symposiums, lecture series, community singing, antidrug addiction drives, use of fertilizers, horticulture development, beautification of college campus, Survey of not going to school children, adult & social education, preliminary health care, population education, National integration etc.

             In such programmes the N.S.S. Volunteers are coming in contact with the people and their problems. Hence this experience is definitely developing the personality of the students & also satisfying their urge to serve the weak and the needy people.

 Volunteer’s strength (Regular Programmes)

Sr.No.YearNo. of Students AllottedNo. of Students ParticipatedTotal

Volunteer’s strength (Special Programmes)

Sr.No.YearNo. of Students AllottedNo. Students ParticipatedTotal

Special Camps Place & No of Participated Volunteers

Sr.No.YearPlaceNo of Participated
12013-14Rani Amravati Tq. Babhulgaon75
22014-15Rani Amravati Tq. Babhulgaon75
32015-16Rani Amravati Tq. Babhulgaon75
42016-17Rani Amravati Tq. Babhulgaon75
52017-18Borgaon Bhiluksa Tq. Babhulgaon75

Blood Donation

Sr.No.YearNo. of Students ParticipatedNo. of Bottles Collected
32015-1648 +452

Orientation Program for Volunteers

Sr.No.YearNo. of ProgramsNo of studentsparticipated

Number of Students Participated in University/State level


Volunteers Participated in Various Activity

Sr.NoName of Activity2013-142014-152015-162016-172017-18
No. ofVolunteersNo. of BeneficiaryNo. of VolunteersNo.of BeneficiaryNo. of VolunteersNo. of BeneficiaryNo. of VolunteersNo. of BeneficiaryNo. of VolunteersNo. of Beneficiary
1Awareness related to the functioning of Court10+0313
2DisasterManagement    222230303030
3Kranti din50+213437+212340+2121
 4Essay competition on fundamental Rights10+210        
5Plus Polio14+25612+243
6Plastic Eradication40+0212440+028910+025812+025414+0243
7Blood Donation525216166262
8Trees plantation50+260+235+1040+1232+6
9AIDS/HIV Awareness67+314360+0212358+312040+21227
10Voter Reg. & Awareness199+071687193+091534183+071456
11Youth Day85+048964+046868+0371
12Cleanliness Drive192+4544165+4432397+231023395+251002304+16856
13Road suraksha abhiyan61+0223444+0448
14Water Conservation          
15Vittiya Saksharta Abhiyaan      66+0435676+05432
16Water Mangement Rally  75+03234      
17De Addition and eradication of subscription awreness41+0344
18Formars Technology Programs75+0277
19Seed Ball Workshop75+0277
20Rally Regarding Cleanness25+021560    
21National Integration day53+154108+02110
22Women’sEmpowerment& Awareness64+26689+0594
23Shouch Khadde750475057506
24Water Shead750575057505

Advantages of NSS

a) Personal Level

1) The all-round personality development of volunteer

2) Volunteer becomes aware of social problems and learns the skill of solving them

3) Introduction to various social institutions

4) Awareness towards employment and self employment

5) Students are awarded with additional marks and certificate as incentives

b) Social Level

1) Social awakening

2) Reaching out Government schemes to society

3) Constructive works are done by the volunteers for society. For example houses, toilets,

roads, cannels, construction, plantation and conservations

4) Facilities of Healthcare