Shivshakti Education society established and opened Shivshakti Arts & Commerce College, Babhulgaon with the following vision.

“To raise the academic, cultural & social standard of the students in rural & tribal area and create discipline & social responsibility among them”.

Our logo contains a Sanskrit phrase ‘तेजस्वी नावधीतमस्तु’ which means “Our institution will make vigorous and effective efforts to quench the thirst of knowledge of the students in the area and to create radiance in the field of Education”. This phrase reflects the vision of the institution.


  • To impart qualitative and valuable service in the field of education particularly in rural areas.
  • To attain community and social development.
  • To ensure and inculcate perfect discipline in terms of regularity, sincerity and punctuality amongst the students & staff so that they can contribute to the society and nation as the most responsible and respectable citizens.
  • To aim at over-all personality development of the students by organizing various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  • To provide a platform to the students by giving them an opportunity to face all the challenges and to nurture the competitive spirit with utmost utilization of their full potential in sports, athletics and other events.

Core Values

  • Character building, Career and overall development of the learner.