Students Council

Aims and Objectives :

       Student Council is a form of governance run by the students to contribute towards growth of the student community and the growth of the institution.

           Shivshakti Arts and Commerce College Student Council is a body of students who represent the interests of the student community of Shivshakti Arts and Commerce College. The purpose of the committee is to see that the objectives of this union are carried out effectively, by enacting legislation, by supervising, coordinating and financing the execution of a broad array of academic, co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

Objectives of the Student Council :

  • To promote the interests of students among the administration, staff and parents.
  • To inform students about any subject that concerns them.
  • To consult students on any issue of importance.
  • To organise educational and recreational activities for students.
  • To propose activities to the administration that would improve the quality of life in an institution.

Activities of the Student Council :

  • To organise and coordinate various activities and meetings throughout the year.
  • To communicate its opinion to the class mentors on any subject that concerns students which the council wishes to be consulted on.
  • To assist the teachers in organising the various calendar of events and put the plans into action.
  • To promote and encourage the involvement of students in organising and participation of activities and events.

Students Council Committee

Sr. No.Students NameClassDesignation
1.Shailesh C. KhandaskarB.A. – IIISecretary
2.Ku. Bharati M. GhodmareB.Com – IIWomen’s Representative
3.Ku. Priyanka A. BharadeB. A. – IIIWomen’s Representative
4.Nikhil S. BhongB.A. – IStudent Representative
5.Ku. Durga W. KamtheB.A. – IStudent Representative
6.Ku. Harshada A. WadileB.A. – IIStudent Representative
7.Ku. Trupti A. WanodeB.A. – IIIStudent Representative
8.Ku. Vaishnavi A. BhoyarkarB. Com – IStudent Representative
9.Ku. Nikita C. VirulkarB.Com – IIStudent Representative
10.Ku. Pragati S. AjbaleB.Com IIIStudent Representative
11.Mangesh R. CharadeB. Sc – IStudent Representative
12.Ku. Ashwini D. TichkuleB. Sc – IIStudent Representative
13.Ku. Priyanka S. AjbaleB. Sc – IIIStudent Representative
14.Ku. Aarti D. TheteM.A. – IIStudent Representative
15.Ku. Kirti V. DereM. A. – IIStudent Representative