Rules and Regulations for the  fare use of Library:

  • All Under Graduate and Post Graduate Students admitted in college, Teachers & Non Teaching Staff, College authorities.
  • Other External Readers or students of other colleges for reference only.
  • D. Students/Research Associates of Hindi Literature registered in our College. Research Centre are eligible for membership of the Library.
  • You must bring your identity card.
  • You must observe discipline while in the library.
  • You must switch of your cell phone while in the library.
  • Readers must take care of books. They should handle the books with utmost care.
  • Written intimation should be give to the library regarding lost books.
  • Library issues a Borrower’s Ticket to every student.
  • A student can borrow on book on this ticket for seven days.
  • Non-observance of the period may result in to penalty in Rs.1/-per day.
  • All borrowed reading material should be returned within 02 (Two) days after the end of IInd Term/Annual Examination. Negligence of this may cause the action like withholding of your result.
  • The loss of Borrower’s Ticket should be report to authorities of library.
  • The Borrower’s Ticket is Non-Transferable.
Library Rules:
A) Conditions of Loan:
i) Admitted Students is entitled to get one Library Membership Card.
ii) The period of loan of books shall be 10 days. 
iii) Only one book can be borrowed on one Library Membership Cardiv) The bearer of this Library Membership Card will be responsible for the book borrowed
v)  Books must be returned within a specified time, Delay in return of books will involve  a fine of  Rs. 1.00/- per day.  
vi) Following types of books shall not be lent out of the library.
       *    Dissertations.
       *    Reference books.
       *    Books marked as “rare” or “Reserved” books.
       *    Maps.
       *    Back volumes of periodicals.
       *    Loose issues of Journals.
       *    Syllabus, Question Papers, Standards, Patents, Specifications, Conference proceedings,  Seminar Reports, Video tapes, Floppy, Compact disks, etc.
vii)  In the case of emergency only, the Librarian at his discretion may allow loan of books   mentioned above for a short term.
viii) When there is any increase in demand of a particular book or books, the Librarian may regulate the use of such book in such a manner, as he considers proper.
ix) The Librarian may, at any time recall any book before the expiry of the period for which it was loaned and the borrower shall comply with such a requisition.
x) No book will lent out on Library Membership Card to students studying in the college joining regular academic session and who are appearing for summer examinations 15 days prior to the commencement of the University examinations. However, if required, books will be issued on Book Deposit Scheme  

xi) Not withstanding anything, the Librarian may,  at his discretion,  grant permission to any member to borrow such number of books,  in excess,  than he is entitled for mentioned in     different categories as the Librarian may think proper.
 B) Late Fee
i) A member who keeps a book beyond the date on which it is returnable shall be required to pay a late fee of 1.00 per day.ii) No late fee will be charged to teacher in the college.  
C) Damage & Loss of Books
i) Every member taking a book out of the library and every reader within the Library shall be responsible for its safe custody and shall return it to the Library.
ii) In the events of its being lost or damaged,  he shall either replace it or pay the cost of replacement.  If a book is “Rare” one,  he shall be required to pay such compensation as the Librarian may think proper.
iii) Reader shall not write upon, damage, tear off the leaves or make any mark either in pencil or ink upon any book, manuscript or map belonging to the library,  nor shall they lay the paper on which they are writing upon any book, map or manuscript.  The erasure of any mark or any writing on any book, manuscript or map belonging observing a defect in or damage to any book or manuscript shall bring it to the notice of the Librarian.
iv) In case of a book belonging to a set or series is lost or damaged by a member and a new volume is not separately available, the whole set or series shall have to be replaced by the borrower.
v) Before leaving the counter the borrower should immediately point out any mutilations in the book to Library staff on duty or otherwise the borrower shall be held responsible for replacement of the book or payment of such compensation as may be fixed by the Librarian.
vi) It shall be the duty of the Library staff on duty at the counter to examine each book returned by a member and to check if it is mutilated or damage.

Dr. Sanjay Shenmare
Shivshakti Arts, Commerce and Science College

Babhulgaon, Dist. Yavatmal- 445 101.