Best Practices of the Institution

1. Late Vimalatai Bhore General Knowledge Test.


            Our institution provides several programs to impart higher education to the students residing in the periphery of Babhulgaon tehsil. Though it has become a pioneer institution with respect to offering higher education to the students, yet it doesn’t restrict itself only up to providing higher education alone. Taking into consideration the fast growing competition in each and every field, the institution resolved to conduct General Knowledge Test for students of several educational institutions in the area of Babhulgaon and Kalamb tehsils. With an intention to create awareness and healthy competition among the students pertaining to General Knowledge Test, the institution has been conducting General Knowledge Test in memory of Late Vimaltai Bhore since the year 2000.

Objectives :

  • The institution runs this activity with a view to develop students’ interest in competitive examinations right from primary level and to inculcate competitive spirit among them.
  • To make the students aware about the competitive atmosphere which they are likely to face in the future.
  • To groom the students for MPSC, UPSC & other kinds of competitive examinations.

Nature of Activity:

          This examination is conducted for three different categories of students. It comprises the following groups. It consists of fifty multiple choice questions, carrying two marks each, based on the current affairs, general knowledge and the category-wise syllabi of students.

Group A- Students of Junior and Senior College. (H.S.C. and Degree Programs)

Group B- Students of High school. (Class 8th to Class 10th)

Group C- Students of Primary school. (Class 5th to Class 7th)

Awards :

Three meritorious students from each group are given cash prizes 1001/-701/- & 501/- respectively along with mementos and achievement certificates.

Impact of the Activity:

             Majority of the students give overwhelming response to this examination and their interest in the examination is enhanced. As a result of this the number of students appearing for several competitive examinations has been increased.

Let Vimaltai Bhore General Knowledge Competitive Examination

Sr.NoYearDate of Exam.Number of CenterNumber of students Participated
2019-2027 Dec. 2019142203
2020-2120 Aug.2021Online0332
2021-2205 May 2022Online0373
2022-2318 Jan 2023Online1163

List of Prize-Winning Students

2022-2023 Result

Sr. NoGroupRankName of StudentCollege /High School Name
 1AIHemant Diliprao BondreBhausaheb Bhore Shivshakti Mahavidylaya Babhulgaon
 2AIIPavan Vasram ChawhanBhausaheb Bhore Shivshakti Mahavidylaya Babhulgaon
 3AIIIK.Priyanka Dattatrya KawalkarBhausaheb Bhore Shivshakti Mahavidylaya Babhulgaon
 4AConsolation PrizeRashami Devidas PalliadwarBhausaheb Bhore Shivshakti Mahavidylaya Babhulgaon
 5AConsolation PrizeRani Tularam KhyliBhausaheb Bhore Shivshakti Mahavidylaya Babhulgaon
 6AConsolation PrizeGayatri Gajananrao GondaneBhausaheb Bhore Shivshakti Mahavidylaya Babhulgaon
 7AConsolation PrizeTejas Gaananrao DeulkarBhausaheb Bhore Shivshakti Mahavidylaya Babhulgaon
 8BIK.Dimpal Rameshrao KapseShivshakti Vidylaya Kotha
 9BIISwapnil Vijayrao MadaviShivshakti Juniar College Kalam
 10BIIIShreyash Prabhakarrao MeshramShivshakti Vidylaya Kotha
 11CISamrat Dhanraj KaraleShivshakti Primary School Kalam
 12CIIKu. Gayatri Dhanraj KaraleShivshakti High School Kalam
 13CIIIChaitannya Atulrao NatakShivshakti Primary School Kalam


Sr.NoGroupRankName of studentCollege/High School Name
1AIKu. Vaishnavi Umeshrao JadhavShivshaki Junior College Babhulgaon
2AIIKaran kawaduji KuhiteShivshaki Junior College Kalam
3AIIIRajesh Ja. GulhaneShivshaki Junior College Kotha Ta. Kalam
4AConsolation PrizeKaran M. TaydeTathagat Junior College Kotamba Ta. Babhulgaon
5BIKu. Saleha MohammadVittal Mandir Vidyalaya Kharda Ta. Babhulgaon
6BIIKu Ashvini Chintamanrao DhumaneShivshaki Vidyalaya Kotha Ta. Kalam
7BIIIKu Naina V. BavaneTathagat Vidyalaya Kotamba Ta. Babhulgaon
8BConsolation PrizeTushar Ambadas WarkhadeZ.P. High School Rani Amravati Ta. Babhulgaon

Consolation PrizeKu Maijabi Sayyad JavedLet. Manikrao Pande High School Babhulgaon
9CIKu. Rajeshree Prakash KhodeShivshaki Vidyalaya Kotha Ta. Kalam
10CIIKu.Asmita Vijayrao SaraodeShivshaki Primary School. Kalam
12CIIIVedant Sachin BhusariLet. Manikrao Pande High School Falegao Ta. Babhulgaon
13CConsolation PrizeVedant Pravin RautShivshaki Vidyalaya Kalam Ta. Kalam


Sr.NoGroupRankName of studentCollege/High School Name
1AIHemant Dilip BondreShivshakti Art & Commerce College Babhulgaon
2AIIPranay Kishor ToteShivshakti Júnior College Kotha
3AIIIKu Divya Prabhakar KotrangeShivshakti Júnior College Kalam
4AConsolation PrizeLilesh MilmileShivshakti Art & Commerce College Babhulgaon
5AConsolation PrizeKu Payal Vinodrao GawaiShivshakti Art & Commerce College Babhulgaon
6AConsolation PrizeKU Sakshi Shreekrushna JambhuleShivshakti Art & Commerce College Babhulgaon
7AConsolation PrizeKu Vaishnavi Shankarrao DhongeShivshakti Junior College Babhulgaon


Sr.NoGroupRankName of studentCollege/High School Name
1AIKu Gouri VenurkarBhausaheb Bhore Shivshakti Mahavidylaya Babhulgaon
2AIISwapnil Vijay MadaviShivshakti Júnior College Kalam
3AIIIShahabaj ShekhShivshakti Júnior College Kotha
4AConsolation PrizeVaidehi Kishorrao UbhalkarBhausaheb Bhore Shivshakti Mahavidylaya Babhulgaon
5AConsolation PrizeKu Tanaya Yogendra RajurkarBhausaheb Bhore Shivshakti Mahavidylaya Babhulgaon
6AConsolation PrizeTejal Kisanrao DahakeBhausaheb Bhore Shivshakti Mahavidylaya Babhulgaon

Brief Report of Last Five Year

Sr. No.YearDate of ExamNumber of Exam CenterNumber of students Participated

List of Prize Winning students in Late Vimlatai Bhore General Knowledge Test Exam of Last five Years.

Session 2013 – 14

Sr. No.GroupName of StudentCollege/High School Name
1ARajat Kailas PrajaptiTathagat Vidyalay, Kotamba
2AKu. Shubhangi Tulshiram BarseShivshakti College, Babhulgaon
3AAshitosh S. GiriShivshakti Jr. College, Kotha Veni
4BKu. Sapna Kanaishing JyohiZ. P. High school,  Sarul
5BViand Vithobha GurnuleP.C.L. High school, Dabha
6BKu. Purva Atul JaptapPratpa Jr. College, Babhulgaon
7CGaurav Vilas MuneswarTathagat Vidyalay, Kotamba
8CKu. Achal Banduji HohurleShivshakti Jr. College Kalamb
9CKu. Kiran Subhashrav RajurkarZ.P. Primary School Dighi

Session 2014 – 15

Sr. No.GroupName of StudentCollege/High School Name
1AKishor Tulshidas ChachaneShivshakti College, Babhulgaon
2AKu. Lata Mahadev MadaviShivshakti College, Babhulgaon
3AAniket Divakar JunewalTathagat Vidyalay, Kotamba
4BKu. Pratibha Narendra GiriShri. K. M. Vidyalay, Pahur
5BKu. Sushma Ramesh SorateSwa. Manikrav Pande Vidya. Falegaon
6BKunal Ashok IngaleP.C.L. High School, Dabha
7CNisha Gopal SoyamZ.P. Priymari School, Dighi
8CKu. Gayatri Bhaskar DurveSwami Vivekanand Vidyalay, Chimnapur
9CKu. Rajni Manik DevtaleShivaji Primary School, Gharfal

Session 2015 – 16

Sr. No.GroupName of StudentCollege/High School Name
1AAniket Prabhakar JunewaleTathagat Vidyalay, Kotamba
2AKu. Pallavi Prabhakar KutheTathagat Vidyalay, Kotamba
3AKu. Sushma Ramesh SorateSwa. Manikrav Pande Vidya. Falegaon
4ASnehal Rajendra DighadeShivshakti College, Babhulgaon
5BKu. Chitra Pralhad MeshramSwa. Manikrav Pande Vidya. Falegaon
6BKu. Tejswini shirishrao KadamShivshakti Jr. College, Kotha Veni
7BAmitesh Lakshikant ParopteP.C.L. High School, Dabha (Pahur)
8BKu. Asmita Sanjay GadlingShivshakti Jr. College, Kotha Veni
9CKu. Ashwarya Prakash AjankarShivshakti Jr. College Kalamb
10CKu. Nikita Shriram ShirsathZ.P. High School Dighi
11CKu. Diksha Gajanan DhakZ.P. High School Dighi
12CKu. Asmita Sanjay GadlingShivshakti Jr. College, Kotha Veni

Session 2016 – 17

Sr. No.GroupName of StudentCollege/High School Name
1AKu. Ruchita Ravindra WaniTathagat Jr. College, Kotamba
2AAniket GujarShivshakti College, Babhulgaon
3AKu. Jyotsna Pramod BhoyarShivaji Jr. College, Gharfal
4ASudarshan KavdeShivshakti College, Babhulgaon
5BKu. Ashwarya AjankarShivshakti High School Kalamb
6BKu. Bhagyashri A. DadeShri. Vitthal Mandir Vidyalay, Kharda
7BYash Manik ThulShivshakti High School, Kalamb
8BKu. Vaishnavi Vamanrao KasarSwa. Manikrav Pande Vidya. Falegaon
9CSohel Ismail SheikhZ.P.High School, Sarul
10CAmitesh ParopteP.C.L. High School, Dabha
11CKu. Harshala Go. NikureShivshakti Vidyalay, Kotha
12CSwapnil MarbadheZ.P. High School, Raniamaravati

Session 2017 – 18       

Sr. No.GroupName of StudentCollege/High School Name
1AKu. Dipali N. DayreShivshakti College, Babhulgaon
2AAshif Hamid BegShivshakti Jr. College, Kotha
3AKu. Arati Sanjay SatheShivshakti Jr. College, Kalamb
4ASudarshan KavdeShivshakti College, Babhulgaon
5BSamir GajabeKeshavrao Maharaj Vidya. Pahur
6BAmitesh ParopteP.C.L. High School, Dabha
7BShital Anilrao LokhandeKeshavrao Maharaj Vidya. Pahur
8BKu. Priyanka Vijay DatarZ.P. High School, Raniamaravti
9CSamir GajabeShivshakti High School, Kalamb
10CAmitesh ParopteP.C.L. High School, Dabha
11CKu. Riddi M. BodadeShivshakti High School, Kalamb
12CKu. Priyanka Vijay DatarZ.P. High School, Raniamravati.

 2.  Use of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies)           

 Information and communication technologies (ICT) have become commonplace entities in all aspects of life. Across the past twenty years the use of ICT has fundamentally changed the practices and procedures of nearly all forms of endeavour within business and governance. Education is a very socially oriented activity and quality education has traditionally been associated with strong teachers having high degrees of personal contact with learners. The use of ICT in education lends itself to more student-centred learning settings           Just as technology is influencing and supporting what is being learned in schools and universities, so too is it supporting changes to the way students are learning. Moves from content-centred curricula to competency-based curricula are associated with moves away from teacher-centred forms of delivery to student-centred forms. Through technology-facilitated approaches, contemporary learning settings now encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning .In the past students have become very comfortable to learning through transmissive modes. Students have been trained to let others present to them the information that forms the curriculum. The growing use of ICT as an instructional medium is changing and will likely continue to change many of the strategies employed by both teachers and students in the learning process.        

The use of ICT in educational settings, by itself acts as a catalyst for change in this domain. ICTs by their very nature are tools that encourage and support independent learning. Students using ICTs for learning purposes become immersed in the process of learning and as more and more students use computers as information sources and cognitive tools, the influence of the technology on supporting how students learn will continue to increase. So, It has been already decided by the college to make use of ICT in teaching and learning to make the teaching learning more interesting for the students. Teachers use PPT’s, Internet animation videos, Video clips to make their lectures more interesting and resourceful.

Along with that college has also provided the facility of E – Learning Section for the students on the website of college. In the E – learning section students can read and watch most of the notes, ppt’s and interactive videos regarding their academic subjects.

Below provided is the link of E – learning section on the college website.

Link for E – learning section.